Monday, November 21, 2011

My Manifesto - 'What I Believe'

Just so you know, as a chef, I consider it my job to help people find a way to live better thru food. I don't judge what they choose to eat, I try to help them find better ways to get what they want/need from their food, while trying to improve that food nutritionally.

I believe in low carb/high fat living, and am passionate about sharing this healthy lifestyle with as many people as possible, in whatever way I can.

I pride myself on giving people back their relationship with food. Often, when people have an illness or disease (mental or physical) that is caused by, or exasperated by, food and food choices, they lose that relationship that is often such a large part of our lives. To many of us, food is not just nourishment, but also love, family, nurturing, and so many other things.

That said, I know that everyone has a different threshhold for sacrifice and compromise. Living healthfully means something different for each one of us, and I respect that. I consider it my calling to help anyone who asks, to meet their individual goals by doing the best they can with what their working with at that time. We all have to prioritize, or you'd go crazy with every bit of information and research that's out there, and I don't believe I have the right to tell anyone else what their priorities should be. I'm just here to help them with whatever they believe might get them that much closer to achieving what's important to them.

I will never criticize anyone else's choices, whether or not they agree with me, and I will never single anyone out because they simply don't know any better...every one of us was in that same place once. I believe that honey gets you more than vinegar, and that kindness and compassion should lead me if I am truly to be considered a 'caregiver'. I will always try to live by example to the best of my ability, and hope that others follow...and I'll always be first to offer my help when they're ready.

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