Monday, March 31, 2008

Deadliest Words in the English Language

So tonite was the first meeting of the year for the Denver Low Carb Living Meetup support group...I've been crazy busy since the holidays, and travelling a lot too. We had 8 members participating, and it was great to see some new faces as well as some familiar favorites. The subject was Re-Motivating...I needed it bad. Went to Australia for 3 weeks in October with my friend Britt...ate everything put in front of me and more...walked a lot, but couldn't keep up with the carb loading. Then the holidays...managed not to do too much more damage, and drop a little Aussie weight since I'd have to be on the beach soon...but then went to Mexico in January. The deadliest words in the English language: All You Can Eat Buffet. I did okay the first couple of days...meat in savory sauces, cheese, a little low glycemic fruit...but they had absolutely no low carb mixers for alcohol, so I was on the vodka and sodawater program. Starting to feel a little deprived, I moved to vodka and sodawater with a splash of the nasty sugar pina colada mix. That was it...all bets were off...a couple of these on the beach or by the pool and I had no resistance at the devil the last four days were "all you can eat" (and I can eat a lot) no holds barred. Yikes. So since the end of January I've been "kinda good" and "kinda bad"...mostly bad...I can't seem to shake the All You Can Eat Buffet feeling that's washed over me the last month or so. Seriously, getting together with the group tonite was so cleansing...there are so many people there who are so inspiring and supportive...It's just what I needed. So back to being good to myself...I miss the high energy, steady mood and lack of hunger I feel when I'm living the good life...the low carb life...I'm ready to step away from the buffet and get back on track for good. There's a reason I've lived this way for 8 years...I feel better, look better, work better, play better...well, you get the point.