Monday, March 12, 2007

Jimmy's at it again!

Jimmy's just blogged about our support group, and our most famous member on his Livin' La Vida Low Carb site, and associated low carb news site out the article and check out Karen Rysavy's site

Desserts -- the sweet life!

We're doing it again Tuesday, March 20...trying an evening event. In honor of our next Low Carb Living support group meetup, an 'homage to desserts', I've invited a very special guest to join us and bring a few goodies. The fabulous Rheinlander Bakery right here in Olde Town Arvada, as you may know, has a sugar-free, low carb brand of desserts and boxed mixes labeled Sweet Deliverance. They have recently launched another brand, Celia's Gourmet, for the gluten free/sugar free market. Co-owner Maro has a fascinating background about how she and her food chemist husband got into sugar free from the traditional bakery business, and she'll be on hand to share her story and some of the unbelievable treats they make. Personally can't believe the amazing things they deliver for so few carbs! I hope you're excited, I can't wait to guiltlessly indulge in some of these goodies. We'll also be serving some yummy "mocktails" to complete our "indulgence"...Baja Bob's drink mixes and a few other treats. Can't wait to see everyone, this meeting will definitely be worth the trip!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What a great day!

we had another low carb lifestyle meetup much fun! we have about eight new members, and everyone's getting really active. it's just such a relief to be among people who understand, accept and embrace this healthy lifestyle...and everyone is so interesting and outgoing...i wonder if that's a side effect of steady blood sugar? we've decided to do desserts and a "mocktail" party for the next one...i hope the turnout is as good, hopefully i can get out of the kitchen on this one and mingle more, i love hearing other people's stories and's so inspiring to me both personally and professionally. everyone in that group has so much to offer...knowledge, encouragement, recipes, friendship...i hate to say it, but it's almost odd to find such a good group of people that have so much and yet so little in common. i guess that's what makes it fun and interesting, and will hopefully keep this bunch going. one of the members, tony, reminded me about how good carbsmart ice cream is...i have a hard time keeping it in the house because it's so good that the portion size is a joke, then i get a tummyache...but i'm going to find it and make him a low carb ice cream sandwich cake for our dessert gathering...and i'll have a piece too.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Mama Mia - Low Carb Goes Italian!

Another Denver Low Carb Lifestyle Meetup is coming popular demand, we're going Italiano -- low carb conversions of classics so delicious you'll swear my great-gramma was cookin'! (Except of course you'll get all the recipes...that woman never wrote anything down...)
Pesto white pizza and eggplant parmesan appetizers, a big antipasto "kitchen sink" salad, low glycemic spaghetti and Tuscan meatballs with vodka sauce, and for dessert (drum roll please) homemade Kahlua tiramisu (and a demo on how to make it!).
Special guest Sharyn from Low Carb Cravings market in Centennial will bring along for sale many of the products we'll be sampling in our meal, as well as a Pavarotti-sized sampling of other great products (including cookbooks!) so bring your shopping shoes...and a friend or two! Click the Meetup link on the left for info about how you can join us!