Monday, August 6, 2007

A great meal!

Every Wednesday, my friend Laura and I try a new Denver restaurant. We've both been living here only about a year, and I tend to be the kind of person who gets in a rut...I like to go to familiar places, see familiar faces, and order the same thing I always get...minimizes disappointment, you know? So to break out of this "unhealthy" practice, we initiated the Wednesday nite dinner out. We've tried a lot of restaurants so far, and been mostly disappointed. So many overrated, overpriced restaurants, so many Wednesdays. To date, Solera has been our bright point, offering some really original dishes and a great wine tasting on Wednesdays...but really pricey. Go to the wine tasting for $15 bucks, get a little tipsy, order dinner, bam! $100 bucks on the tab. Worth it, though, if you want a dependably delicious meal...the cheese plate is not to be missed. This past weekend friends Britt and Philip came into town for Aspen and we planned a special dinner out at a restaurant I've been dying to try...Barolo Grill. I've got a real soft spot for Northern Italian and the associated rich food...usually very do-able on low carb. I was so pleasantly surprised, Barolo Grill now takes my "favorite Denver restaurant" category, hands down. Tons to eat on a low-glycemic program...try the tartare, or the pheasant turrine to very many great secondi, and all of the salads and pastas can be ordered as "small plates" or primi, if you just want a little taste! I had lamb chops that were so grilly-grill good, with a mushroom ragout and braised kale (yes, kale!) on the side...and it came that way on the menu! Tried the sea bass, the tenderloin and a little pork too, all lovely. There are so many great "better" sides available too, and I wouldn't have hesitated to ask for a substitution, as the staff (and I mean everyone who came to our table) was friendly, helpful and seemed delighted that we were there...a rarity at most high-end restaurants. I skipped dessert, but had a glass of lovely Barolo wine with dinner. If you're looking for a low-carb friendly, special occasion (or not so special!) restaurant that won't make you feel like you're missing out, Barolo Grill is not to be missed...wave if you see me there stuffing my face at the table next to you!